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“Dr. Stephens,

I came to you in May 2009 for ultrasound. Thank you very much for giving us the peace of mind. I was 37 and wanted to know the gender of baby, you were 100% correct, I had little “munda”. When you started to do the test and you typed “pe and looked at me then you erase the “pe and typed “munda." To find out the gender it was very important to my family, I had lost my ten year old son with cancer, and I have six year old daughter and we wanted to prepare our daughter that she is having little baby brother or sister coming. Your test made it easier for us to give her comfort that he is coming back. Thank you again.

Baby was born on October 27 2009.”

--- Sandy M.

“You performed an ultrasound for my wife at 16 weeks gestation. Both my wife and I would like to thank you for your thorough explanation throughout the ultrasound on our child. You diagnosed a little girl! This will enable us to gear up mentally as well as prepare appropriately for her arrival!

As you well know, Doctor, our last pregnancy attempt ended in a miscarriage in the second trimester. Your diagnosis of a healthy baby girl has lifted both our hearts and our spirits. Both Dianne and I had been very nervous and at times depressed prior to your evaluation mainly because of the fear of the unknown. Dr. Buroff did all he could to reassure us of possible success during this pregnancy, but our scarred memory of the first failure was heavy on both of us. Dianne and I were under extreme stress discussing whether to even tell our family and friends of the pregnancy! Since our visit to your facility and your professional evaluation of our child, we’ve felt the confidence to tell all.

Also, knowing that we’re going to have a little girl (already named Natilie Elena) has enabled us to already feel her as part of our family and has caused us great joy. The videotape of the sonogram is a great idea and a priceless memento that will be cherished for years to come.

It is unfortunate that we did not have this procedure performed on our earlier pregnancy; perhaps, it would not have mattered. But I feel that your procedure deserves much merit and should be standard practice for all pregnancies.

Thank you for all you’ve done and for your patience and for your evaluation.”

--- Robert C.

“This koala bear reminded me of you. I would appreciate it if you could find a spot for it in your office as a thank you from a grateful patient.

Four years ago, my OB referred me to you because I was small for dates. You discovered severe and likely fatal defects in my daughter. I have always remembered your kindness and sensitivity that awful day and the support and understanding I received from your wonderful staff.

Now expecting again, your extensive ultrasound has informed me (oh joy!) that my second daughter will soon be here, healthy. Your understanding of my nervousness about this pregnancy is greatly appreciated. You’re a very good doctor, but more than that, you are a very kind man.”

--- Karen V.

“At 6 a.m. Saturday morning, I am having a cup of coffee and reading Parent Magazine. I have just finished the article regarding you and prenatal testing.

I would like to say if it weren’t for you and the ultrasound you gave me, my husband and I would have either had to go through a very traumatic birth or a late-in-pregnancy miscarriage. Yes, it was very hard finding out we didn’t have a perfect baby (we had conjoined twins – Dec. 1986), but I was glad to find out early. The decision to abort was awful although we felt we had no choice.

I can’t imagine someone saying that these tests are not right morally. No one can say what is right or wrong until they have been there! I have. God only knows if those twins were alive today what I would be doing at 6 a.m. today.

Upstairs is my 6-year-old, 4-year-old and my brand new healthy 3-month-old! My three sons! By the way, the FASA testing you did on me during this healthy pregnancy told me he was a boy!

I just wanted to let you hear from someone on your side! I’m sure there are lots of us!”

--- Sharlene B.

“I came to you for an ultrasound in October. My ultrasound was a wonderful experience. I found out through FASA testing that I was having a boy. I also began early bonding with my son. I had a wonderful pregnancy. Unfortunately, however, on Dec. 30, I gave birth to a stillborn son. The autopsy showed no abnormalities of the fetus and the cause of death is undetermined. We named him Matthew Luke.

The reason I am writing is to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the videotape, which I’ll cherish forever. Also, the “It’s a boy” mementos --- which I’ve put in his box of things and will keep forever. I wish I could have carried him to term and had him, but it obviously wasn’t meant to be. Life holds no guarantees.

Again, thank you and God bless you, your family and your staff at your office.

--- Michele B.

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